Recovery Day

Due to predicted rough weather, today was a day of cleaning gear, clothes washing, bathing, maintenance, touring the town, and updating this blog (since we had wifi and Internet access).  We were given a tour of this amazing little town that has a tremendous heart and soul to it.


Starting with an amazing B&B creatively made with papercrete-complete with an indoor lap pool, great sunset viewing porch, beer garden, and more.  A great personal tour and discussion made this extra special.

The incredible Gage Hotel is a gem of a place.  I know that we had eaten next door the night before, toured some of the rooms, and admired the incredible attention to detail and beauty, but it is truly an incredible place here in Marathon.

Before dinner, Carter were also able to take a quick exploration of another treasure in town, the Gage Gardens.  For a town of just over 400 individuals, the love and passion for this area is expressed in so many ways.  Truly this was an amazing oasis on this journey.  This place was special but the people even more so.


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