Gila Hot Springs to Cliff Dwellings & back (Riding Day 17)

gila-camp-aAfter waking with this view from my hammock on a nearly freezing morning, I pedaled out and back to the Gila Cliff Dwellings.  An amazing park and incredible ruins.  Mysterious how a group can spend a couple of decades building an elaborate shelter but only live there a few more years.  So much is lost of the original people of the area and so little of the native people has ever been taught in my experience.



AgAu and I only covered 31.33 miles today.  As I left the dwellings, I met a fellow touring cyclists entering the park by the name of Carter.  We exchanged information and contact info and parted ways.  I stopped by the on place in a 50 mile radius that had some limited contact with the Internet.  While there I was engaged in conversation with a local man, Bo, who ended up being one of those positive personalities on this journey.  Soon, Carter joined us and the three of us ended up talking most of the evening after we set camp and soaked at the local hot springs.  It was a great lesson in slowing down and fostering interesting relationships instead of remaining focused on achieving some goal or mileage allotment.   Ahhh the lessons of this trip are meaningful gifts everyday.

Another beautiful camp site:




Lots of thoughts about time…geological time, cultural, people. life spans, etc


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