Duncan to Lordsburg, NM (Riding Day 13)

I know that the only easy day is yesterday.  Today was proof of that.  Yes, I left Arizona behind and entered New Mexico.  Two states under my proverbial belt.  I was able to push AgAu against the nonstop headwind gusts and rode Rode 47.1 miles today.  The climbs were not too much but the constant pressure against my progress hindered any delusion of passing through this stretch quickly or with ease.


The wind kept me cool but my water was still used up rather quickly and my only opportunity to refill will be eventually in Lordsburg.  Once again I am thankful for Ryan’s advice and suggestions for portable water bladders in addition to my water bottles.  I carried every drop of water that I could and was confident that I’d make it.  I did but used careful planning to make sure I had enough for the entire stretch.  Lessons learned and applied, already.  Animals seen today included skunks, jackrabbits, snakes, hawks, crows, deer, and the return of mosquitoes.



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