Recovery Day


A day full of rest, cleaning, repacking etc.  The owners of the Simpson Hotel, an artistic Bed & Breakfast, are Warm Shower hosts as well.  They offer traveling cyclists the use of one of their bathrooms with a shower, the ability to sleep in a old trailer in their backyard, and incredible conversations.  I was able to have some time with a couple of their guests, Carman and Sue, who were traveling artists.  Over discussions of local history, politics, food, psychology and history of art techniques, and literature we discovered many shared connections.  One of Sue’s cousins is a Deaf leader a Gallaudet, whom I know.  Deborah, one of the owners, is also a Mayflower family member from John Alden.  So in some distant way, it was as if I was staying at a cousin’s home.  Today’s lesson seems to be along the lines of “slow down, appreciate the art that surrounds you, take the time to discover the things which connect us all together.”  A Valuable lesson to learn here in the last town of AZ on my ride.


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