Fort Thomas to Duncan (Riding Day 12)

Rode 68.4 miles today, not much to report about the ride.  Lots of time to reflect, pedal, and observe.  Observations of my own body’s slow evolution and bonding with AgAu.  Like it is with our weapons in Aikido or any tool in we use often, there is a gradual shift in awareness of an external object into that of an extension of one’s own body.  My proprioception is expanding to include the bicycle’s frame, wheels, and extended parts.  It is an amazing process to observe and experience.


Darkness fell before I could arrive into Duncan.  Since the road twists and turns sharply from about five miles out, but has a nice slightly decline to it, the lights of the town appeared and disappeared repeatedly as I approached.  Eventually , I got into town and although it was after dark, I was kindly offered and shown a trailer for Warm Shower members.  Nice to sleep surrounded by walls but still able to see an unobstructed night sky through the open skylight.


Happy Birthday to Lara and Edward-two of the greatest gifts and blessings I have in the world.  It was great to be able to use technology and have a brief video phone chat with you.  I miss you and your mother a tremendous amount but strive to ride well and safely so that our time apart will be well used.


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