Globe to Fort Thomas (Riding Day 11)


After departing the workshop room cot of my Warm Showers host, I proceeded out of Globe. I was able to pedal a decent 62.12 miles today. AgAu continues to perform like a champ.  Mile after mile, she has been dependable, reliable, and trustworthy.  The bike handles well, carries a good load, and has amazing lighting capabilities.  I continue to be impressed with the quality of this bike on this trip.  Along the way today I am struck by the  continued issues of poverty is so many small towns.  The historical oppression of the Native Americans remains evident throughout this area.  The area, however, still has an amazing beauty with some of the most colorful sunrises and sunsets I have ever seen.  The moonrises are amazing too.  I often stop and just watch the shades and colors dance on and shift along the cliffs and mountains.  Very impressive.  I am now entering more of mining country and see a tremendous increase in cooper carrying trucks zooming pass along the highway.  Numerous historical markers repeatedly tell the stories of one side of the Indian Wars.  After a long day in the saddle, I am sore but stop to learn about the founder of the International Lions Club at his memorial in Fort Thomas.



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