Another night in the desert-Fountain Hills to Great Western Trail (Riding Day 8)

Having left the amazingly bicycle friendly city of Tempe and the incredible people that community consists of, I am heading into another stretch of limited external support, resources, and water.  The heat is incredible and a foe with which one must wrestle and plan accordingly.  The heat, however, vanishes at night and the temperature drops.  Camping last night was beautiful but cold.  I set up and was doing fine but apparently illegally on tribal land so I ended up taking politics with two tribal police officers into the late of the night and relocating my hammock/tent site a few more miles back up the road.  Both summer and winter riding gear are needed due to the temperature variation.  So while I feel that AgAu is my proverbial beast of burden and carrying too much, I am putting so much of it to use.  Like life, I am experiencing so much while balancing the demands of the road.  It is a challenge trying to strike that balance between forward motion (and accomplishing the trip), camping (and refreshing for more challenges), and enjoying the moments, places, and relationships that the journey presents.  So I’ve planned a Warm Showers stay in Globe, AZ for late tomorrow night (Saturday) so 120 or so miles of desert hills and very limited water supplies separate me from that.  So I’ll refill my bottles to hold as much water as I can and head off into the wilds.  I’ll have limited access to the Internet but plan to write more while camping and post them when I can next connect.  For those of you who are following my journey, please be advised that I am well, making progress, and that my wonderful wife and our children are doing well despite my home area being hit rather hard by hurricane Matthew.  Stay tuned…more to come.  Rode 24.02 miles today



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