Octotillo to Imperial Dunes (Riding Day 3)


Having accomplished a long dry day, I made it 74.1 miles.  I am constantly reminded of my ignorance regarding so many things in my environment.  I have so much to learn and this trip reminds me of that almost every minute of every day.  I am struck by how much more of the Milky Way I can see again once I am far enough away from all electronic light pollution.  The stars are brilliant but my knowledge of them and the constellations is lacking.  The songs of the coyotes at night is hauntingly beautiful and new to me.  The changes in geography and terrain encourage me to go learn more on why the earth is formed this way.  I wish to be able to read more of the planet that I am pedaling by.  Instead of being stuck and limited by my own problems, daily issues, or worldview, I wish to see more of the world as it is and better understand what the rocks, sand, plants, water, stars, wind, etc are all telling me.

An incredibly important lesson learned today-be more careful regarding water consumption.  There are several long stretches in which there is no ability to refill my water bottles.  Thirst and sweat consume all of my water after 65 miles or so and instead of risking riding another 20-30, I’ve camped out near a store that I hope will open in the morning so I can fill up and stay hydrated.  While camping in the desert, I enjoy the experience and meet two other cyclists, one American and one Frenchman, doing the same Southern Tier route in different ways at different paces.  Perhaps our paths will cross again.


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