Starting Out-San Diego to Alpine (Riding Day 1)

img_4181Although still tired from yesterday’s TdF festival, I started out from the Sophia Hotel in downtown San Diego and proceeded to Ocean Beach for the “official” starting point of the Souther Tier Route. I did, however, squeeze in a breakfast with Ryan and Jen Guzy, fellow ‘Brompton Mafia’ founders and TdF organizers from Tempe, AZ.  I was able to do the traditional wheel dip into the Pacific Ocean water.  In several weeks and after several thousand miles, I hope to dip AgAu’s front wheel into the Atlantic Ocean.  Until then, I have miles to go.


As a side note, it is interesting to me that the route starts here in Ocean Beach along bike path before heading into the hills and mountains east of San Diego.  It was here that I was able to have an extended stay at the Sunset Cliffs Aikido dojo and train last year.  I was able to have a heartwarming and supportive revisit with the same live-in students again this year.  I look forward to our paths crossing again but have some pedaling to do before that occurs.


I rode 45.2 miles this day and made it up to Alpine where I was able to experience my first Warm Shower stay as a guest.  It was incredibly supportive.  By complete strangers I was invited in, allowed to shower and clean up, prepared meals, and sleep in their home all because they like to meet people and support traveling cyclists.  Amazing and kind people still do exist in our world and they would be the first of many I’ll meet along this journey.  When Jonathan noticed the Fat Tire biking jersey, I was wearing, he even went out and bought some Fat Tire Ale for us to share.  This trip is off to a great start.  I had to get going early the next morning because I am on a time crunch to make it to Tempe in time to rest, recover, and prepare to work at the next festival.


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