Departure Day- September 22nd
I arose early so as to finish preparing, packing, and putting things in order. I embraced and kissed my family goodbye and was driven to the local airport for an early flight to San Diego by my wife, Liza.  We had spent the past few months getting ready for this day and here it is.  Emotionally, it is tough and full on conflicting feelings.  I am excited, yet anxious.  Energized yet drained by the process of getting ready.  My bike and most of my gear are already on the west coast waiting for me.  I’ll work at the Tour de Fat for a couple of days and then ride to the next and last Tdf location for this year.  The past few days have been a whirlwind of wrapping of responsibilities and preparing everything possible for this departure and dream deployment.  Liza and I have updated our wills, increased our accident insurance coverage for under insured motorists, discussed logistics and plans, and more-trying to plan for any and every situation.  Last night my family hosted a touching bon voyage dinner party.  Extended family members were there and others telephoned to wish me the best.  So now, I’ll board the airplane for a one-way flight to CA and pedal home in almost three months, if all goes as planned.  I will have experiences that will transform me in ways that words cannot capture.  I will miss months of time with my wife, children, and friends.  We each will grow along our own pathway on our own journeys.  Yet, nearly every day and with every pedal stroke, I know that I’ll be that much closer to being home again with my family.  I am comforted by extensive preparation, their love and support, the additional encouragement of so many others, and the confidence born only from having overcome previous challenges in my life.  I am fearful of the unknown, the road hazards, the dangerous distracted drivers, the multitude of things that could go wrong, and the possibility of failure to achieve the goal of the ride.  I know that if there was no anxiety, fear, or risk then there would be no challenge or possible achievement.  I could easily stay in my comfortable home and keep this challenge as an unrealized and deferred dream but that would not be what it means to be alive, for me.  I have a need to challenge my limits so I can grow.  So here, I go…with AgAu (perhaps pronounced as “ag oh”)


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